How to build an outdoor kitchen in toronto

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The core benefit of the outdoor kitchen construction is that it is placed in the open air. Building an outdoor kitchen is a perfect solution. Delta Decks is a team of professionals who can embody any of your concepts into a reality.

Before making an outdoor kitchen, it is essential to think about its design and some features. In particular:

● facilities you’d like to have (the better the furnishing – the higher the price)

● the size (remember that the outdoor kitchen will look smaller than the indoor one)

● planting

● heating appliances (due to diverse weather conditions)

● electricity & water (be sure that the layout of your kitchen allows to set all the necessary stuff)

Building a kitchen is quite time-consuming along with a resource-intensive process. The price of such a construction varies according to the following factors:

  1. the quality of the materials
  2. expenses for utilities
  3. a technology

Another significant thing related to outdoor kitchen design is the materials. They should be weatherproof. The selection of the materials will hinge on your desires, needs and budget as well. There are several types of the materials that are mostly used for building an outdoor kitchen. For instance:

  1. stainless steel doors/drawers (looks marvelous)
  2. natural stone facing (is long-lasting, strong)
  3. wood (needs a steady maintenance)
  4. granite (is rather expensive and heavy)
  5. black slate tile (use for countertop; doesn’t cost too much and has a perfect look)


An outdoor kitchen is a custom-made item. As it has been mentioned, it doesn’t have a fixed cost. Everything depends on your desires coupled with the materials you’d like to use. An approximate cost for such a construction is $4000-20000.

A kitchen frame can be clad with:

  • A natural stone
  • 1×4 horizontal Ipe
  • 1×4 tongue and groove knotty cedar
  • 1×4 clear cedar

Delta Decks provides a huge variety of services and also has experience in building custom outdoor kitchens.

There are several main types of outdoor kitchens:

  • a garden kitchen

If you’re a keen lover of nature this kind of kitchen will literally become your most adorable nook.

  • a patio kitchen

It is a perfect, practical solution that will keep you dry on rainy days.

  • a firepit kitchen

This kitchen will suit people who are fond of rural design.

  • a beachside bar kitchen

Do you like drinking cold beverages near the beach? A beachside bar kitchen can become an ideal entertainment space. However to build this construction you need a house near the seashore.

  • a contemporary kitchen

People following the brand-new tendencies will definitely appreciate this kitchen category.

What’s more, you should be aware that the cost incorporates solely the labor. All the kitchen elements or materials are out of the price.


When the summer is coming the best decision to refresh your dwelling is to build an outdoor kitchen. This type of installation is rather popular in Toronto. The vast majority of householders (in this area) own an outdoor kitchen. When you start building a kitchen, be confident that you’ve taken into account all the vital aspects, incorporating the next ones:

  • an accurate size
  • its location
  • materials you’d like to exploit
  • its design
  • timing requirements
  • permit requirements
  • the budget you count on

Due to the particular preferences of the inhabitants living in Toronto, we can emphasize a few categories of kitchens that are in demand in this region. For instance:

  • an outdoor kitchen with a grill (is sought after because of varied opportunities. Such as cooking meat outside, organizing a barbeque gathering, etc.)
  • an ordinary backyard kitchen (is a stunning place for having a rest while reading a book or drinking a cup of hot chocolate)
  • a garden kitchen ( will revive any place)
  • a kitchen with a bar ( will serve as a great place for having a drink after a working day)

Here is the list of advantages that you can obtain after building an outdoor kitchen:

  • Space

An open-air kitchen doesn’t take loads of space. At the same time it can serve as an awesome opportunity to rethink the whole cooking process. Having the kitchen outside you can arrange BBQ parties, picnics, etc.

  • Grilled food

You don’t need to be a professional chef to prepare something on the grill. This kind of food is both tasty and healthy. Cooking does not require too much time, however it creates a cozy atmosphere around you.

  • Durability

Once you’ve constructed the kitchen outside, be sure that you won’t think about any modifications for a long time (if solely there is no need to do it ).

Durability is one of the key benefits of such a structure.

  • Precious time with be-loved ones

Certainly, the place is not so meaningful when you want to spend time with your family. However, inviting your relatives for a family dinner to the contemporary kitchen, will be the best option to hang out together.

  • Comfortability

If you are the owner of a house, you definitely know how inconvenient it is to take the food outside in summer. Hence, a kitchen in the open air will spare you and you won’t waste your time wandering from one place to another any more.

As trustworthy Deck Contractors we can provide you with any type of the kitchen, deck, etc. Likewise, Delta Decks specializes in outdoor decks with kitchens. Decide what type of a construction you want, consider the design of your future structure and get in touch with us. Our specialists will do their best to build a top-quality kitchen or deck

In case of any hesitations, call us today! We will be glad to help you with all the questions. We are professional, reputable kitchen builders near you!

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