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The space under the terrace, located on the second floor, can also be used rationally. They often organize an additional recreation area, a children’s play area, a veranda for outdoor dining, store household or sports equipment, etc.

However, this space under the deck will be functional only if rainwater does not seep into it from the deck. Our company will help to ensure maximum comfort from the construction of the terrace. Delta Decks Toronto – waterproof deck contractor. We have been working since 2005, during this time we have implemented many projects, which can be found in the portfolio. Our team knows how to reliably protect the space under the deck from moisture.

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The first reason is the comfort of staying in the area under the terrace. With well-organized waterproofing, you can be in it even during a downpour without the risk of getting wet. And additional glazing or the use of a mosquito net will allow you to dine without annoying insects.

The second reason is the safety and durability of the terrace itself. In most cases, the frame of the structure is wooden, and this material is very susceptible to moisture. If the tree is not protected from external factors and gets wet regularly, it will begin to rot over time. This happens after about 8-10 years, while the flooring itself lasts an average of 25 years. If the wooden frame is deformed, ordinary renovations are unlikely to help, you will have to build a new terrace, and this is an additional cost.

Thus, cooperation with deck waterproofing contractors is an opportunity to get additional functional space through the construction of a waterproof deck, and extend the life of the structure itself.


There are several ways to organize deck waterproofing:

  • Rubber flanges. The simplest solution in terms of implementation. Flanges are driven into the space between the boards, thus closing the gaps. You can also make gutters out of them, and then the water will flow to the edges. However, you need to be careful, because if the installation is incorrect, water will still seep down.
  • Suspended ceilings. They are installed under the deck, resulting in a finished ceiling and drainage system at the same time. The space under the deck is protected from moisture, but the wooden frame is not, the rain falls on it anyway.
  • Complete deck drain system. It is installed in two versions: under the beams and above them. In the first case, wooden beams are in contact with water: it flows through them and only then is removed by the drainage system. In the second case, the tree is completely protected from rain.

We mount a drainage system that is laid above the beams and under the flooring. Rain water then enters the drain and flows down the aluminum pipes. We work with the Trex RainEscape system, by Trex Company — a system that provides complete protection against moisture, and extends the life of the structure.

Trex RainEscape features and installation

The drainage system installed above the beams is made of HDPE – high density polyethylene. This material is strong, durable, does not deteriorate or deform under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes or precipitation. Ease of installation and quality results are the main reasons why deck waterproofing  contractors choose Trex RainEscape.

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We prepare gutters.

To do this, we cut them according to the marked mark, depending on the distance between the beams. We also cut them in a semicircle on one side (there is also a mark for this). We install them along the cornice board so that the cut out semicircle “looks” at the opposite side of the street, and immerse the drain drain 1 inch into the downpipe. If necessary, cut or lengthen it, then fix the drain.

We form gutters.

To do this, either unfold the roll in advance, cut off the desired length and fold it in half lengthwise, or do it directly on the beams, immediately attaching the material to them and forming longitudinal recesses. We carry out such manipulations with each space between the beams until we block the entire terrace. Our masters carefully monitor so that there are no missed places.

We seal seams and holes from brackets and screws.

To do this, we use butyl tape and seal the joints of the sheets of material with it.
Important: The Trex RainEscape system is installed before the deck boards are installed, that is, during the construction phase, not the renovation. If you want to improve an already finished structure in this way, the boards will have to be removed. You can install the system yourself, but it is better to entrust this matter to professionals. So you save time and be sure that the work is done efficiently.

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The DrySpace under deck system helps keep rainwater away from your deck so you can use the most of your under deck space.

TimberTech DrySpace doubles the usable deck area!

How is TimberTech DrySpace set up?

DrySpace uses a vinyl coating that covers the beams to protect them from water. Below deck is a system that collects rainwater (or water from snowmelt) and redirects it to the side. The space under the deck remains dry.

Benefits of the DrySpace water management system

  • Easily installed under a new terrace, and under most existing ones.
  • Moisture is removed both from the terrace and from the house.
  • Increases living space.
  • Improves the appearance of the ceiling in the space below the terrace, has a beautiful finished look.
  • Extremely durable and water-resistant vinyl composition.

The TimberTech DrySpace under deck water management system is easy to install. When installing your terrace, our experts will quickly and reliably install this moisture removal system.

To protect the terrace boards themselves, a coating can be applied. Waterproof deck coating contractors offer treatment with special compounds based on enamel, latex, rubber, polyurethane and other materials. They prevent the wood from coming into contact with moisture, are available in different shades, and mask minor defects. Among the minuses: the coating may peel off, the surface must first be prepared, and it takes time for the composition to harden after application.

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Are you dreaming of building a deck in Toronto and protecting it and the area below it from moisture? Don’t have the time or skills to do everything yourself? You don’t need to search “deck waterproofing contractors near me” – contact us today to calculate the cost and discuss the details of the project.

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