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We are the only company in the Toronto area that is able to prepare high detail, custom 2D and 3D construction and shop drawings in house. Our drawings provide enough detail for permit application, engineering review and visualization for our clients. Drawings provide the necessary detail for a proper understanding of how the project would look like and how it would be built. Having a good set of properly prepared drawings helps the job move faster once the construction starts.

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3D deck designing is considered to be quite a well-known technique today. It helps you to see the design of your prospective deck before it is built. Once you’ve decided to start building a deck and you doubt its appearance, colour, shape, size, etc., created in software 3D design, will assist you in making the right decisions, as well as, will allow you to make adjustments prior to deck’s construction.

Nowadays 3D design is rather a credible and comfortable way to design a deck, taking into consideration all the client’s preferences, schedule, budget, etc. With help of impeccable deck design you will be able to trace every single detail of your project, including, for instance, footpaths, patios and retaining walls as well.
3D deck design is an indispensible, valuable, incredible tool that helps to transform visual desires into reality. Solely imagine that you have the opportunity to select the most suitable options and build your deck through the online 3D constructor.

As top-tier deck builders in Toronto, we’re targeted for the creation of the most stunning supplies, developed specifically for your out-of-doors living space.


Deck designing is not solely a construction development. Above all, this is an operation of the realisation, embodiment of your individual preferences and tastes. Every single project is a unique masterpiece, working on which we make maximum efforts in order to cover all the demands and fulfill your desires as well. The main purpose of our labour is to do everything possible to keep you convinced and delighted.

If you’ve strongly determined to upgrade your out-of-doors living space, designing a backyard deck will be a wonderful solution. In the event of being not sure enough what kind of deck you would like to possess, you possess a splendid opportunity to utilize diverse devices, such as Pinterest, or various social media sites and figure out the most appropriate variant or turn to our 3D design services. We employ a large number of professionals, wood deck designers, etc., to build your deck’s design. Thus, be sure every single deck of yours is in steady hands!


This is our list of advantages that you are going to obtain via 3D deck design:

  • All the detailed information about deck’s height, length, depth, as well as, its spacing.
  • Support system and beams’ size location.
  • Details about stair construction.
  • The information belonging to entrances and open areas, gaps as well.
  • Mentioned zones, involving parking space, terrain, etc.

3D deck design provides you with the most thorough information about each corner of your deck. Our team deals with various projects. Likewise, we pay the closest attention to all detailings of the coming order. Whether we have a tiny project or a large one, we work conscientiously and qualitatively!

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  • We are highly-qualified deck builders.
  • Our team possesses tremendous working experience.
  • Delta Decks is constantly adhering to brand-new tendencies.
  • Our company is advanced in 3D design.
  • We possess an enormous quantity of satisfied clients and positive feedback as well.
  • Our business is specialized on the decks of custom design.
  • DeltaDecks builds merely with the best decking materials.
  • Our team has the most talented, high-class, industrious staff.
  • DeltaDecks is open to communication and suggestions.

Custom Design Decks

Do you have any questions or hesitations? It is time to contact us. Our Delta Decks success-oriented team will be invariably pleased to assist you and become an irreplaceable assistant in the construction of the deck of your dream (of your dream deck). We are waiting to see each of you! Let’s elaborate the best decks together!


    A deck design is the first step in adding beautiful and functional outdoor space to your home. Whether it is part of a complete landscape plan, home remodel, or new building project, the right deck design will add value and years of enjoyment to a home.

  • All you need to make accurate deck plans are a pencil, ruler, and graph paper. Draw your deck to scale on graph paper (typically 1/4″ to the foot). You’ll need at least a site plan, a plan view, and one or two elevations. … Drawing plans can be tedious, but it’s worth the effort to make the project go smoothly.

  • The average cost to build a deck is $65 per square foot with most homeowners spending between $4,380 to $10,080 total. An entry level deck with basic materials costs $35 per square foot, while a deck built with premium materials costs $85 per square foot.

  • Deck construction is not as easy as you might think,you need to follow many building code requirements and learn many tricks of the trade. Decks are built to add living space to a home and every one of them should be built nice and level.

  • Yes, you can build a deck directly on the ground, but with some conditions. The selection of material is critical in building a deck on the ground level — not so much the decking but the substructure. The wrong joist and beam material in contact with the ground will quickly rot, making your deck, garbage. Make sure the footings are 4 feet below grade, there is gravel under the entire deck and there is some ventilation around the joists.


Read our Client Reviews

You probably heard a saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, we think that a satisfied client is worth a thousand pictures!
Delta Decks has a very high customer satisfaction rate and we are not afraid of giving an option to a potential client to contact any of our 20 very recent clients! Please read some testimonials below. Please note these testimonials were not gathered by Delta Decks, but by a third party.
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Aug 17, 2022
Delta Decks did a beautiful job on our backyard deck and patio. Our old deck was in dire need of a rebuild and refresh. Elgi was great in getting the...
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Toronto, ON
Jul 22, 2022
Delta Decks replaced my very worn old wood deck with a mineral based/pvc 'Deckorators' product, color 'Costa'. Finding a taupe color was a challenge b...
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Dominic in Toronto
Toronto, ON
Jul 21, 2022
I am very satisfied with the improvements that Delta Decks made to my 12 year old deck. From my first contact with Elgi, the project manager ,to the f...
Jul 11, 2022
This review has been a long time coming. We had Elgi and team come in on September 2021 and after some talks about designs and materials we ended up g...
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Toronto, ON
Jul 05, 2022
It was a pleasure choosing Delta Decks to work on our backyard project. They built an upper lever deck, and a lower deck, both with composite. Elgi ma...
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