We work as deck building contractors for commercial projects. We have worked for a number of Toronto’s top notch architect and landscape-architect firms. Delta Decks can build a stylish quality woodwork for your condominium, open space or public space. For example: a deck, pergola, benches, gazebos and other woodwork objects. Which will harmoniously fit into the commercial space.

Our Past Clients And Project Managers

Constructions Of Deck At Commercial Facilities

Canadian company Delta Decks offers professional commercial/residential decks construction. We have been working in Toronto since 2005, implementing various commercial projects. We know how to bring any design idea to life so that a terrace or other structure is reliable, practical and beautiful.

Expert Commercial Deck Builder In Ontario

During commercial deck construction, we take into account the specifics of your business and the further operation of the structure. We develop the project together with you, we have a certified designer on staff who will offer the best solution.

We, as expert deck builders, when providing services, always take into account the following points:

  • Deck size. It depends on the available free space and the tasks.
  • Repair and further maintenance. We strive to ensure that the annual maintenance of the structure is as simple and inexpensive as possible.
  • Features of local legislation. One of the most important stages is obtaining permission for commercial deck installations. It is issued by your municipality. We draw up all the documents, plan, design project, make accurate calculations in order to get a permit and start construction. You do not have to deal with bureaucracy – our employees will take care of everything, and you can focus on business development.

We, as expert deck builders, when providing services, always take into account the following points:

  • Doesn’t slip. This is very important for catering establishments, open areas and other facilities where the flow of visitors is expected.
  • Fire resistant. An accidentally dropped cigarette or a lit candle will not cause a fire, as the composite will not catch fire.
  • Resistant to precipitation and insects. One of the main reasons why commercial builders and customers love composite so much. Unlike natural wood, it does not collapse from increased moisture, ultraviolet or insect exposure, and does not fade. Therefore, your terrace looks new and well-groomed for a long time, which is especially true for commercial properties.
  • Does not require expensive and complex maintenance. Again, let’s compare it with natural wood: to maintain it in its original form, it is necessary to regularly stain and open it with varnish, which is why the structure cannot be used for some time. In the case of commercial decking, simple is unacceptable, so composite will be the best solution.

We cooperate with reliable manufacturers of composite boards, and therefore we can offer a large selection of materials. There are different shades from budget collections, as well as medium and premium segments.

In addition to composite, we also build from the best natural wood – cedar, IPE. These breeds are strong, beautiful, and durable. In addition, natural wood decks do not heat up so much from the heat and are unique in texture. And lovers of a 100% natural product will definitely like it.

Custom Commercial Deck Builder & Designers

Our team carries out professional installation of decks for enterprises of various sizes and forms of ownership, each time approaching the implementation of the project individually. Here are just a few examples of what we offer as commercial deck builders:

  • Designs for restaurants, condos, businesses. For public catering establishments, deck installation is suitable as a summer playground and an additional area for visitors, which will increase revenue. In the case of condominiums and businesses, you can design a good area for recreation and even business meetings.
  • Patio decks. A cozy patio will decorate any restaurant, cafe or business center. It can be open or roofed, small or spacious. On the roofed patio, you can enjoy spending time even in bad weather. It often organizes a recreation area or additional space for customer service – in any case, your business remains a winner, its value increases.
  • Rooftop decks. They are especially relevant in conditions of limited space. Commercial deck installation on the roof allows you to organize a zone for relaxation, creativity, meetings, lunch, etc. Often, pools and jacuzzis are installed here, landscaping is done, and even flower beds are arranged.

Our portfolio contains even more cool examples of work. Check them out and get inspired to implement your own project.

Commercial Deck Services In Toronto

Our team is engaged not only in construction, but also in the maintenance of decks. As a rule, it is required for natural wood structures: it must be protected from ultraviolet radiation, moisture, insects, painted or varnished. These services can also be ordered from us. For terraces in commercial facilities, a composite material is usually used, which does not require specific maintenance throughout its entire life. Therefore, its relatively high cost pays off by the absence of costs in the future. However, in the future, you may want to change the color of the structure, rebuild it, or partially repair it. In this case, order commercial deck services from us. We will evaluate your terrace for renovation and make sure it meets your needs as much as possible.

Commercial Deck Installation Delta Decks

If you are looking for “commercial deck building services near me”, contact us and get a quote now.We will discuss the issue, come up with a cool design project, get permission from the local authorities and build a structure which will enhance the uniqueness and comfort of your space.