Markham is the largest of the nine communes of York Region. It is a fast evolving territory with awesome housing, prompt business development as well as spectacular recreational areas. This region is positioning itself as the best place in North America to manage and place various businesses. Most of its territory is occupied by rolling hills or great landscapes, making the area perfect for decking. Among Markham deck builders there are certified professionals who are always ready to fulfill all your expectations.


The types of decks that are ordinarily built in Markham include:

  • Standard decks. They are installed perpendicular to the structure of the house and may vary in size. Common deck sizes are 8×16 feet or 12×24 feet. Larger sizes can be achieved by combining multiple standard types of decks. Homeowners should be informed that any 10 linear feet of decking adds 1 inch to summer sun exposure and 2 inches to winter sun exposure, so adding an extra section of decking will increase this exposure.
  • Elevated decks. Differ from the standard ones, as they are taller and don’t connect to the structure of the main building as well. Elevated decks require additional support, which is provided by posts and beams that support the deck from below.
  • Multi-tiered decks. Typically built with stairs leading to the main deck area. This type of decking allows homeowners to have a lot of free space. In addition, they can be installed at different heights with two raised parts separated by a standard deck.

All types of such work can be performed by our local deck builders in Markham.

Materials that are popular in Markham are Ipe and composite decking.

Ipe decking has a number of advantages, such as:

  • Extreme strength (very hard to scratch);
  • High resistance to rotting or a termite attack (will last over 40+ years);
  • Hardwood decking materials don’t require any painting (but, they need to be oiled instead);
  • It doesn’t have knots and has a gorgeous rich brown color with a perfect variation in texture.

However it is worth knowing that working with Ipe is quite a difficult, time-consuming process. Thus, it would be better to consult with a specialist. Markham deck builder can handle this task easily. We have over ten years of experience. During this time we have learned and applied the most efficient techniques in our industry.

Composite decking possesses a number of benefits:

  • The easy cleaning (with water and soap);
  • The durability and the protection from the mechanical damage;
  • Minimal maintenance (doesn’t break down or rot over time like wood);
  • More choices in color (can be made in a wide range of colors and finishes, all of which will retain their hue).


A wide selection of outdoor structures for your patio and backyard, including composite decks, Ipe decks, multi-level decks, deck railings, privacy screens, deck steps, pergolas, etc. are professionally built by Markham deck builders. Our high-qualified builders in Markham provide a diversity of services. In particular, we offer a wide range of options such as 3D modeling, that could help in the visualization of the future deck or deck construction, so you don’t have to install it yourself. Cooperation with famous designers allows us to stay in the trends of modern building. Be certain that Decks Contractor Company will help you with any of your requests in building a patio & decks Markham.


You can count on our credible partnership. Delta Decks is to make all reasonable commercial efforts to make sure that the client is satisfied with the project’s overall quality, cost and deadlines. Here are the advantages of our company:

  • Highly skilled staff. We are specialists in various fields that work in a supportive environment and promote professional development. We can handle both, large commercial residential projects and smaller-scale ones.
  • Great experience. We are Ontario’s leading installer of ipe hardwood decks as well as composite decking. Likewise, we’ve been working with the prestigious architects coupled with the construction companies, including CORE Architects, Carillion, ORIN Contractors, etc.
  • Own warehouse (a stock of Ipe decking, Garapa Decking, Trex Decking, Azek Decking, Fiberon Decking, Siberian Larch Decking);
  • A well-organized workflow. As your contractors, we will engage you at every step of our working way. We will keep you informed of the status and progress throughout the whole process of the construction.
  • A warranty is available. The composite materials that we install possess a manufacturer’s long-term warranty. To receive more detailed information, contact us.

In the region of Markham there are several top places to buy deck materials.

Markham builders can recommend local Home Depot, Rona and other lumber yards for pressure treated wood. Decks Toronto is a supplier for Delta Decks, which is selling wood and composite decking, fasteners, decking accessories as well as deck railings and lightning.


  • What type of footings will you use for my deck?

    We only use ‘Helical Pile’ footings – a steel shaft with corkscrew-shaped plates which are screwed 4 – 7 feet into the ground. These are the best footings available: where concrete footings deteriorate in the Ontario climate, Helical Piles penetrate below the frost line and withstand freezing and thawing soil; have superior load-bearing; can be built upon immediately after installation; and don’t require soil excavation to be installed.

  • As each deck project is unique, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all pricing scheme at Delta Decks. Our pricing reflects the individual approach and expert craftsmanship that we have honed during our 15 years in business

  • We offer several types of material to suit every budget and project: For deck frames:  Steel: a much stronger, more versatile and longer-lasting material which provides an even surface for mounting your decking boards.  Pressure-treated wood: the standard budget option. The cut ends are specially sealed to protect against moisture damage. For finish materials:  PVC: benefits include superior mould and moisture resistance, coolness to the touch in hot weather, low maintenance, and longevity (with a warranty of up to 50 years).  Composite: fabricated from a mix of wood fibres and recycled plastic, composite decking is low maintenance, very durable (covered by a 25-year average warranty) and available in three tiers of pricing. At Delta Decks we are certified installers of the leading composite decking brands – TimberTech/Azek, Deckorators, and Fiberon.  Cedar: an attractive alternative to traditional pressure-treated wood decks. Naturally moisture and rot resistant, but we recommend maintenance with a water repellent and UV-protective sealer.  Pressure-treated lumber: pine wood which has been treated with a copper pressed solution. Standard entry-level material and prone to splitting, warping and cracking. Should be maintained with water repellent and UV-protective sealer.

  • Once we understand what you have envisioned for your deck design and consider all of the other factors, we will devise a construction time frame. Our staff strive to complete your deck on time, and work overtime when necessary to achieve this. We will always keep you in the loop about how your project is progressing.

  • The building process of each designed project can take anywhere between a week and several weeks depending on various factors. Aside from weather and deck size, applying for and receiving a deck building permit is the main reason a project can take longer than usual. However, at Delta Decks we have been working with the city permit office for many years and have a good relationship with the staff there.

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You probably heard a saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, we think that a satisfied client is worth a thousand pictures!
Delta Decks has a very high customer satisfaction rate and we are not afraid of giving an option to a potential client to contact any of our 20 very recent clients! Please read some testimonials below. Please note these testimonials were not gathered by Delta Decks, but by a third party.
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Toronto, ON
Jul 21, 2022
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This review has been a long time coming. We had Elgi and team come in on September 2021 and after some talks about designs and materials we ended up g...
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It was a pleasure choosing Delta Decks to work on our backyard project. They built an upper lever deck, and a lower deck, both with composite. Elgi ma...
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