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The pavilion construction is a roofed building without any side walls as well as an embedded floor. Building a pavilion roof requires at least 4 columns (the larger the size – the more columns you need). The roofing is held up by these posts, which are generally fastened to the deck, concrete base etc.

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It wonderfully serves to:

  • receive guests
  • hide from the sun or rain
  • have an open-air dinner or a BBQ
  • entertain, relax or enjoy conversations in a cozy setting
  • admire the attractive scenery
  • ensure the roof for the courtyard

Below you can check the more extensive information.


Pavilions can be located in the garden, near the house, in the backyard, so almost anywhere you would like to.

Time frames

Most pavilions can be commonly built in 1 or 2 weeks, but the more complex the construction is – the more time it demands.

Permit requirements

Before you begin building a pavilion, it is necessary to get a permit from the local administration. If you don’t receive one, you can obtain financial penalties. What is more, you may be forced to do a total renovation. In Toronto, a building permit is required for an annex above 24″ off the ground. In order to build it legitimately, all the building regulations should be considered. The more detailed information you can find on the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website.

Price formation

As for the cost to build a pavilion, it depends on the:

  • price of the chosen materials
  • size of the construction
  • taxes
  • complexity of the structure

For volume-specific pavilion cost, please reach out to our specialists to build it for you.


The pavilions are realizable in diverse materials, forms and stylings. The most popular kind is the one with a spiky woodroof (in particular from any rot-resistant wood). The majority of the pavilions possess an oblong or rectangular shape alongside a wide range of sizes. For instance:

  • 10′ × 14′

This is a perfect size for the tiny living accommodation. It can be attached to the current deck or serve as the out-of-door kitchen room.

  • 12′ × 12′

This one is ideally suited for relaxing in private surroundings. Fit out the area with the lovely seats, dinner table and savor your meal with a stunning view on your patio.

  • 14′ × 14′

This is quite a widespread size among those who want to design the superb open kitchen. Nowadays, the building technologies are sufficiently advanced to build complex structures.

  • 12′ × 20′

This type provides a lot of space. Typically, owners decide to create the out-of-door kitchen room coupled with a zone for dining in the same pavilion. In particular, it is also possible to make a cozy sitting area with a TV set.

  • Larger Pavilions

Larger variants are also feasible. Our company is able to construct a pavilion at any size.

In addition, the materials should be chosen accurately to build a stable pavilion roof as well as the whole construction. These materials are usually used by Delta Decks in building the pavilions:

  • maintenance-free vinyl

It is the most used material and it has loads of benefits. The construction from maintenance-free vinyl does not burn out in the sun or crack. Furthermore, it seems newly-built for ages.

  • stained pine

The color of the pine can be easily changed by wood paint considering this material is light. On the other hand, pine is tough to stain. There is a reason for this: its grain is unequally thick.

  • natural pine

It is popular for its accessibility, endurance, high elasticity, lightness, and wonderful look. However, it can be effortlessly damaged and is vulnerable to scratching.

  • cedar

This is the type from the pine family. Cedar is flavorful and oftentimes red. Among the pros of this material are: the marvelous look, durability, sound- screening, resistance to decomposition jointly with insect attacks.



While pergolas, pavilions, cabanas and gazebos ordinarily fulfill the equal objective, their structures have a couple of differences.


Up-to-date pergolas are implemented in different shapes, sizes and stylings. They consist of a lattice-style roof which is leaned on the four or more columns. Additionally, they are splendid for dividing free areas and forming shadowland.

They offer solar protection via the roof grid coupled with the attachment of tents. Pergolas are more universal than any other presented structures, because you can install or remove the roof and lateral coverages. They can be self-contained or adjoin the house.


Pavilions can often be mistaken for pergolas, as they maintain their overall construction. However, pavilions have a totally enclosed roof while pergolas` roofing is built of bars. Public pavilions are more aesthetic and creative, whilst private ones look like standard pergolas.


Traditional cabanas are slight in size and have the shape of a square or a rectangle. They possess a straw roof and side walls all around excluding the one turning toward a water hole. In contrast to pergolas, cabanas are more private constructions. They ensure a tent at the time of bathing sessions too. Furthermore, contemporary cabanas are frequently supplied with chaise lounges and bars. Also, in Toronto loads of them are used as a place for cooking.


Gazebos are the constructions of a round or an octagonal shape. They are open all around and have a one-piece roof. Therefore, gazebos serve as a protection against direct sunlight and sediment.

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Delta Decks draws up and constructs pavilions of any level of difficulty. To supply the perfect services we:

  • seek for the personal approach to each client
  • exploit diverse and qualitative materials
  • take into account the weather and local characteristics
  • work with the professionals in their field

Our company will satisfy all your needs in common with the pavilion builders.


When everything is done you can connect with the company and we will assist you with great pleasure.
If you live in Toronto and you want to devise and build the pavilion, Delta Decks will offer the best treatment. You don’t need any additional worries, Deck contractors will do everything for you. Get an idea for the work and feel free to call us today.


consider the concept formulation (we can help you for the additional cost)


calculate the approximate budget


determine the placement, size, style and purpose of your future building construction


inquire the neighbors about alike structures in order to achieve a building permit

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