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So, you’re designing your brand-new outdoor living space with stylish and low-maintenance decking. Yet even the most premium deck will only last as long as the frame below it. Decking is traditionally framed with pressure treated lumber, which is not the most durable material – over time the elements will compromise its structural integrity and beauty. A steel framing deck structure is a much better alternative for several reasons:

Greater longevity

Steel lasts longer than the standard pressure treated lumber frame. Even though the wood has been protected with chemicals, it is still susceptible to moisture and insect damage. This is genuinely dangerous, especially for elevated decks and in commercial premises with lots of footfall.

In comparison a steel frame will not rot, decay, warp or shrink, is resistant to insects, and performs well in poorly ventilated spaces. Wood framing typically lasts for just 10 years, whereas a deck on a steel framing system will be structurally sound for decades!

Fire safety

Steel is also the safer option as it is non-combustible. If you have an accident with a barbecue, candle or heat lamp, it won’t be such a disaster.

Better design opportunities

This material gives you much greater flexibility in deck design. Steel is malleable and can be bent to suit any concept. As the beams are stronger and more lightweight than wood, they are engineered to span greater distances between vertical supports, maximising the space underneath the elevated decking.

More attractive shape

A neater shape is possible with a steel deck. Steel beams offer a clean, modern look which stands the test of time, and every beam is fabricated by a machine which ensures that there are no inconsistencies in shape.

Better for the environment

Structural steel decking is the more environmentally friendly option! Not only is pressure treated lumber made from valuable felled trees, but it is packed full of chemicals. On the other hand, steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials and can easily be melted down and recycled.

Minimal maintenance required

Just as wood decking is much higher maintenance than composite or PVC, a lumber frame requires frequent sanding, staining, painting and sealing… Steel requires very little upkeep.

Suitable for any project

Steel framing is compatible with any type of decking! Whether you’re looking for an Ipe wood, PVC or composite deck frame, steel is the way forward.

custom steel deck framing


As we’ve mentioned, framing a deck with steel is ideal for custom designs. There are many advantages to building a custom deck:

  • It will be a stylish outdoor space which is unique in comparison to your neighbours’ and friends’ decks.
  • Custom decks add value to your house, not only because of their aesthetic but because they extend your living space into the great outdoors!
  • You can tailor every aspect of the deck to your wishes – the boards, railings, shape, frame and more!
  • A custom deck can have many functions – an outdoor kitchen, workspace, or sports area.

One way to bring your custom deck to life is to add a curved shape, although this is difficult to make with a pressure treated wood frame and will add a lot of time and money to your deck project. Starting with steel deck framing is certainly your best bet for adding curves or other shapes to custom deck builds.


If you want to find metal deck framing, then Delta Decks is the right choice of contractor for you. We have unmatched experience in the Toronto deck building industry and our team of engineers, designers, carpenters and architects specialises in low-maintenance decking.

Since our foundation in 2005, we have completed many steel frame deck projects and have all the necessary resources for designing and building your outdoor living space – whether a standard deck or a complex custom build. Visit our Delta Decks showroom to see the different products we offer, and get in touch with us today for a free quote!

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    Fortress steel deck framing comes with a 25 year warranty. Steel decking can have a lifespan of 60+ years when correctly installed by a professional builder. Steel does need to be cared for with a basic maintenance cycle of routine desalting and touched up with a periodic protective coating.

  • For many homeowners steel framing for their deck is a great investment. Most decks today are built with long lasting materials such as composite, pvc or Ipe decking. Building the deck frame in wood limits the longevity of the entire project. Steel will last for 50 years or more. Steel deck is also more sturdy, has a nicer appearance and it is perfectly straight. All things considered – it’s an excellent choice for many deck projects.

  • Yes, you can frame the deck with steel. You can get steel posts, steel beams, steel rim boards and ledger boards. Additionally deck blocking, stair stringers and other deck frame components can be done in steel. The most innovative steel deck framing system is made by Fortress. They offer many steel profiles and options that allow the installers to install the entire project in steel even if it has curves and stairs.

  • Steel deck framing costs more than wood to buy and more to install. You can plan to spend about $15 more per. sq. ft. for material costs and another additional $15/sq. ft. for installation costs. These initial investments will pay off over time and the deck will feel more rigid during its lifespan.

  • You need a different set of tools to install a steel deck frame. You will need grinders, cut off saws with metal blades and sawzall saws with metal blades. The principles of construction are very similar to wood, but the tools will be different.

  • One of the main advantages of steel decking is that you can have larger beam spans and joist spans. Steel beams can span 24 feet between posts and steel joists can span up to 16 feet. For some deck projects this is very important because it increases the usable space under the deck.


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