Our Team

Our biggest asset is our people.  Most of our workers are copmany employees who have been with us for over five years and some go back to our very first season of 2005.  Delta Decks employs carpenters who specialize in custom deck building.  We work all year round in order to be able to retain our skilled labour.  Apart from our skilled carpenters - we have two engineers and one architect on staff.  Delta Decks has the capability to complete large scale commercial projects and brings the same approach and experience to smaller residentail projects.

Delta Decks puts much emphasis on creating an atmosphere where all our employees are able to flourish and grow professionally.  We see our company success as our common goal and we work together as one to acheive it.

Alexander Krupin founded Delta Decks while still working on his degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto.  Alexander has always had a passion for design and buildling and a deck business offered a quick entry into this world where both the unique design ability and good construction skills can be combined.  Alexander started to work in the construction industry while still in high school and university education has helped build a strong foundation for future company growth and success.  Focusing on long lasting outdoor solutions, Alexander quickly switched from the traditional decking materials to hardwoods and maintenance free products.  Hiring the right people, creating a friendly atmosphere at work, motivating staff to work towards a common goal helped propell the company to become one of Toronto's largest and most recognized among architects and condo builders.  Alexander is involved in every project the company builds, from the design stage to delivering the final product.  He regularly meets with the project managers in the company to discuss every project done by the company.

Alexander Krupin
Company Founder and President