Deck Steel Framing

Why choose a steel frame?

1. It lasts longer than the standard pressure treated frame (No rot or decay)

2.  It feels stronger and firmer

3.  It allows to span greater distances between vertical supports

4.  It performs well in poorly ventilated spaces

5.  It is non combustible

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Steel Framing - A Solid Choice

With premium decking material choices for surfacing, you may want a lasting material for your deck frame.  Traditionally decks are framed with pressure treated lumber therefore your deck can only last as long as your wood frame.  Steel framing also allows spanning longer distances between vertical posts which is critical for second storey decks. Additionally steel is non-combustible and this is also important for some deck applications.  Delta Decks is able to design and build your steel frame deck.  We have the necessary resources for steel design and construction.  We have completed a number of steel frame and all steel deck projects.