Deck designing

We are the only company in the Toronto area that is able to prepare high detail, custom 2D and 3D construction and shop drawings in house.  Our drawings provide enough detail for permit application, engineering review and visualization for our clients.  Drawings provide the necessary detail for a proper understanding of how the project would look like and how it would be built.  Having a good set of properly prepared drawings helps the job move faster once the construction starts.

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Professional Deck Drawings is Key to a Successful Building Process.

Our ability to design outdoor structures and prepare architectural and engineered drawings in house has helped our company build some of the most complicated outdoor projects in the Toronto market for commercial and institutional clients.  We bring the same expertise and knowledge to all of our residential project.  If you want a deck that is well designed and that you can visualize before the project starts - you can trust our team to prepare a set of professional drawings.