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We are your local Richmond Hill Deck Builder. If you are looking for a deck contractor or a deck company in Richmond Hill, we have contractors ready to build your deck in your area. Many homeowners are looking for a contractor in their area to minimize travel expenses and maximize time spent on site on any given work day. We have built many decks in Richmond Hill and we hope to add you to our list of happy clients. Please contact us today to set up a free consultation or visit our showroom.

Richmond Hill Decking Services

The types of decks that we build in Richmond Hill include composite decks, Ipe decks, rooftop decks, backyard decks and multi-level decks. Other common deck project features in Richmond Hill include privacy screens, deck railings, deck stairs and pergolas. If you need to obtain a deck permit in Richmond Hill we have a designer who has experience working in your municipality.

Deck Builder in Richmond Hill

To obtain more information about zoning and structural requirements in Richmond Hill you can always contact the building department for more information.

Richmond Hill Deck Builder

Richmond Hill is a town in the south-central York Region in Canada, it is placed between Markham and Vaughan. It is a civil area with loads of gardens, pitches, alongside recreational parks. Despite its tiny square, the number of inhabitants is still growing. Likewise, Richmond Hill Deck Builders continue working on their development.

Deck types & materials

  1. The types of the decks generally installed in Richmond Hill:

  • standard decks are placed perpendicular to the structure of the house. Generally the standard decks have a size of 8x16 feet or 12x24 feet. Owners of the house should be aware that any 10 linear feet of the deck add 1 inch to summer sun exposure and 2 inches to winter sun exposure, so adding an additional section of deck will increase this exposure.

  • multi-tiered decks usually include the stairs, leading to the principal area of the deck. These decks can provide you with a lot of space. Likewise, they can be installed on the diverse heights with two elevated parts that are divided by a standard deck.

  • elevated decks differ from the standard decks (an elevated one is taller than the standard one). What’s more, they can be attached to the house. The elevated decks demand additional support that is implemented via the posts and beams that maintain a deck from underneath.

  • rooftop decks

The open-air places which are set on the housetop of vast buildings. Many owners exploit it for entertainment. For instance, some of the holders build a hot tub on it.

  • backyard decks

The roofless off-site bases that lengthen out of the households.

  1. Decking materials that are popular in Richmond Hill:

  • An Ipe wood deck is hard, strong, and naturally resistant to rot, affection by insects and weather.

  • Composite decking is made of a combination of wood fibers and plastic that create a strong and durable decking material. It is solid, unsusceptible to rot and more long-lasting than wood decks.

Richmond Hill Decking Services

Richmond deck builders provide various services to suggest a wide range of options suitable precisely for your ideas. In particular:

  1. Highly detailed 3D design that is elaborated for visualizing the future deck.

  2. Designing of cabanas, pergolas, composite decks, rooftop decks, Ipe decks, backyard decks along with gazebos of any level of complexity.

  3. Deck construction.

We cooperate with experienced designers and carpenters, who are able to deal with multi-layered and rooftop decks as well.

Outdoor constructions in Richmond Hill made by Delta Decks:

  • rooftop decks

  • backyard decks

  • multi-level decks

The construction should be built of the suitable deck material (in this case it will be durable). Moreover, Richmond deck builders know how to choose the most appropriate stuff.

There are several top places to buy wood decking materials in the region. Richmond hill builders can recommend:

  • local Home Depot

  • Rona

Deck Patio Builders in Richmond Hill

Builders in Richmond Hill implement projects that can make your outdoor rest enjoyable in any season or weather. Be confident that Decks Contractor Company will guide you at any stage.

The advantages of Delta Decks:

  • skilled carpenters, architects and engineers

  • is operational all year long

  • the opportunity to accomplish both large and tiny tasks with the same responsibility

  • adherence to deadlines

  • considerable assurance

  • high-quality supplies coupled with proper technical equipment that form one-of-kind appearance of the structure

Delta Decks is not only an experienced deck builder, who does the job quickly and correctly, but also a firm that uses the top materials at the best prices. If you want to buy the quality materials, we recommend Decks Toronto (the material sales company) for composite decking, fasteners etc. In addition, deck builders in Richmond are always in touch to consult you and offer the top-quality services at affordable prices.

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    What type of footings will you use for my deck?
    We only use ‘Helical Pile’ footings – a steel shaft with corkscrew-shaped plates which are screwed 4 – 7 feet into the ground. These are the best footings available: where concrete footings deteriorate in the Ontario climate, Helical Piles penetrate below the frost line and withstand freezing and thawing soil; have superior load-bearing; can be built upon immediately after installation; and don’t require soil excavation to be installed.
    How much does custom deck construction cost?
    As each deck project is unique, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all pricing scheme at Delta Decks. Our pricing reflects the individual approach and expert craftsmanship that we have honed during our 15 years in business
    What materials do you use?
    We offer several types of material to suit every budget and project: For deck frames:  Steel: a much stronger, more versatile and longer-lasting material which provides an even surface for mounting your decking boards.  Pressure-treated wood: the standard budget option. The cut ends are specially sealed to protect against moisture damage. For finish materials:  PVC: benefits include superior mould and moisture resistance, coolness to the touch in hot weather, low maintenance, and longevity (with a warranty of up to 50 years).  Composite: fabricated from a mix of wood fibres and recycled plastic, composite decking is low maintenance, very durable (covered by a 25-year average warranty) and available in three tiers of pricing. At Delta Decks we are certified installers of the leading composite decking brands – TimberTech/Azek, Deckorators, and Fiberon.  Cedar: an attractive alternative to traditional pressure-treated wood decks. Naturally moisture and rot resistant, but we recommend maintenance with a water repellent and UV-protective sealer.  Pressure-treated lumber: pine wood which has been treated with a copper pressed solution. Standard entry-level material and prone to splitting, warping and cracking. Should be maintained with water repellent and UV-protective sealer.
    What guarantees can you offer that the job will be finished on time and on budget?
    Once we understand what you have envisioned for your deck design and consider all of the other factors, we will devise a construction time frame. Our staff strive to complete your deck on time, and work overtime when necessary to achieve this. We will always keep you in the loop about how your project is progressing.
    How long does the building process take?
    The building process of each designed project can take anywhere between a week and several weeks depending on various factors. Aside from weather and deck size, applying for and receiving a deck building permit is the main reason a project can take longer than usual. However, at Delta Decks we have been working with the city permit office for many years and have a good relationship with the staff there.
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