Trex Deck Construction

Delta Decks is one of the most experienced Trex Builders in Canada. We have obtained our professional Trex Deck Builder certification in 2008. 

Many clients find Delta Decks when searching for “trex deck builder near me” and they find a company that has the right experience and the right people to install their Trex deck. Trex composite decking is similar to wood, but not identical. 

Working with Trex decking requires special tools and knowledge. We have a showroom with all the Trex decking materials on display (including Trex Enhance, Trex Select and Trex Transcends Series). We also carry our own stock of Trex decking products which allows us to take advantage of volume pricing that we in turn pass onto our clients.

The cost to build a trex deck varies between $34-60 per sq. ft. depending on project specifics. The cheapest platform cost per sq. ft. would be for projects over 500 sq. ft in size, rectangular in shape, fairly low to the ground and with good backyard access.  If you are looking for a more complex deck, the costs will increase.  

Trex is the most popular composite brand in the world.  They have a variety of colors and product lines to suit different tastes and budgets.  If you have your Trex deck installed by Delta Decks, you can know that it will be installed with all the right techniques and fasteners so that if you do have an issue down the road, your warranty will not be voided.  

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  • Can I build my own Trex deck

You can certainly build your own Trex deck.  If you follow all the right techniques and practices, you will build your Trex deck in such a way that it will perform well long term and you will not void your warranty by doing something incorrectly.  

If you live in Ontario, buy your Trex from a Deck Specialty place called “Decks Toronto”.   You will get a great price on your Trex decking and expert advice on how to install.  For the most up to date pricing please visit:

  • How much does it cost to build a Trex deck 

The average price will be around $34-60 per sq. ft. This price includes pressure treated framing, foundation, decking, all fasteners and labour.  This is an “all in” price. 

The Trex Enhance decking products are the most cost efficient, but they also scratch easier than the Trex premium products. Other things to consider when calculating your Trex deck cost are stairs, railings, skirting, privacy screens, lighting. 

All these things contribute to the overall price of the Trex deck.  Contact one of our specialists to help you determine the price for your Trex deck. For a materials only price, please visit We suggest you hire a professional installer, such as Delta Decks, to complete your Trex deck project.

  • How to build a trex deck

To build a Trex deck you first need to build a foundation and a frame.  The foundations and the pressure treated wood framing for your Trex deck is done in the exact same way as you would do for the wood deck. 

Space your joists at 16” o.c. and assume the same strength of Trex decking as you would expect from a 5/4x6 cedar or pressure treated board. 

Make sure you leave enough space for expansion and contraction of the deck boards as Trex decking expands and contracts more than your typical wood boards. The decking is typically installed on clips (either the universal trex clip fastener or the hideaway clip).  For your fascia they have color matched screws and for the perimeter boards Trex has a screw and plug system by Cortex.

  • How to find a trex deck builder near me

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, then Delta Decks is your “trex deck builder near me”.  We will travel anywhere in the Greater Toronto area to build a Trex deck.  We are a certified professional installer, building Trex decks since 2008. 

We have the knowledge and the expertise to build your Trex deck right, so that you will not have any issues with your warranty and will enjoy it for many years to come.

If you live in Ontario, buy your Trex from a Deck Specialty place called “Decks Toronto”.  You will get a great price on your Trex decking and expert advice on how to install. For the most up to date pricing please visit: