Deck Permits

Deck construction requires the knowledge of carpentry, building code requirements as well as the advance knowledge of popular deck materials such as composite decking. Deck Builders and Deck Construction Contractors that have proper training and experience can help you design a deck that will fit your backyard space and budget.

When looking for deck contractors many homeowners focus on the “near me” or “in my area” aspect, but a quality deck builder, who is able to design and build a deck that meets all code requirements and will stand the test of time does not have to live around the corner. Most companies in Toronto work throughout the GTA and therefore it is best to carefully evaluate potential companies choosing the best deck contractor for your project.

Deck construction techniques will vary according to the type of deck you are building. If you are doing a regular backyard deck that is relatively low to the ground, our recommendation is that you use concrete footings, pressure treated wood framing (2x8 or 2x10) and composite decking. 

If you are building a pool deck, we highly recommend using hardwood or metal framing and 100% PVC decking or Ipe (hardwood decking). When building a rooftop deck - you need to make sure that at no point the roofing membrane is penetrated, that the water can flow under the framing of the deck and that there is enough ventilation.  For a second storey deck, use metal helical pile footings, pressure treated framing and wood or composite decking.

If you are looking for a decking company in the Greater Toronto area, Delta Decks would love to be one of the companies you would consider for your project.  We have been in business over 15 years and we want to be the deck contractor that you choose for your specific deck project.  Call us at +14169152693 or e-mail for your free deck quote.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How long does it take to build a deck? 

An average size deck is typically built in 2 weeks (300 sq. ft.).  Factors that delay the project (apart from the weather) typically include the following:

  1. Building Permits. It takes about 4 weeks to get the drawings and the permit (with no complications) and the inspections will delay the project by an average of 2-3 days.  If you skip out on the permit though, you are risking to have a deck built that will not comply with the permit requirements when you go to get the permit after the fact (when selling your house or when your neighbours complain).  

  2. Special Order Items. If you have special order decking materials or railings, your project can get easily delayed by several weeks.  

  3. Unreliable Contractors. If you choose a contractor who is handling multiple projects at the same time or is unqualified to do the type of work you contracted them to do - expect delays.  Do your due diligence, read the online reviews prior to hiring a contractor.  Not all deck projects are the same so make sure that the contractor you choose is able to handle your type of project.

  • Do you install patio decks?

Yes, we install backyard patio decks. Delta Decks is a certified, professional installer of all the top brands of composite decking materials such as Trex, Timbertech, Fiberon and Azek. We are also the largest installer of Ipe decks in Ontario. If your deck or patio design involves stone work, we also work together with a landscaper who can take care of this aspect of the project.

  • Have you completed roof decks? 

Yes, we have completed many rooftop deck installations. We have installed many rooftop decks on residential properties downtown Toronto as well as on top of garages and condominium terraces.  We have the right expertise for these types of projects, when installing these projects we are able to:

  1. Obtain the necessary building permits

  2. Build rooftop decks in such a way that your roof membrane is protected

  3. Install guards (railings or privacy screens) around the perimeter of the deck in a way that they do not penetrate the roofing membrane and yet are safe and strong enough to withstand the design loads.

  • Can you install a pool deck for me? 

Yes, we can install your pool deck and we have done it in the past - please check our pool deck portfolio. We have worked on many properties where we installed decks around in-ground concrete pools, in-ground liner pools and above ground pools. When building a pool deck, we make sure that we design the footings and framing in such a way that it ties properly to the pool and does not interfere with the pool structural components. Additionally, we make sure that the framing and the decking materials are selected to withstand the high moisture and low ventilation environment.  

  • Can you help with a backyard deck? 

Yes, backyard decks are our passion and the core of our business - check out our portfolio here.  If you are looking to get your backyard deck built by a professional deck company, look no further!  We will help and guide you through all of the necessary steps which include:

  1. Concept design that will work with your outdoor space requirements and budget

  2. Prepare the necessary drawings, if need be, for a permit application

  3. Remove any old structures in the way and prepare the foundation for the new deck

  4. Send one of our experienced deck building teams that will only focus on your project

  5. Assign a project manager who will interact with you throughout the project to make sure everything goes as planned

  6. Work through any possible adjustments along the way

  7. Clean up the job daily and leave you with a great looking, professionally finished and long-lasting deck project.

  8. Provide any deck cleaning and maintenance that you may need in the future.

  • Do you help with obtaining a deck permit? 

Yes, we help you obtain your deck building permit. Most decks require a building permit and the drawings need to be prepared by a certified BCIN designer. We are the only company in Ontario that has a full time BCIN designer on staff and we prepare these drawings in house which ensures quick turnaround times. 

All you need to provide us is a recent survey of your lot. We will prepare all the drawings which include the layout, front and section views, special engineering reports for footings, railings and materials. We will also submit the forms to the city on your behalf. Once the building permit is issued, we will coordinate with the city inspector and will satisfy all the building on-site inspection requirements. Following the completion of your project, we will make sure that your permit is closed and you are able to enjoy your deck worry-free.  

  • Do you recommend a composite or a wood deck? 

To answer this question we would need to know which of these 3 things is a top priority for you:

  1. Price

  2. No maintenance of the deck

  3. Natural wood look with little maintenance

If your budget is tight - go for a pressure treated wood deck, this is the cheapest option for a deck.  In two years your decking will fade, it will crack, it will warp and have splinters, but it will last you for 20 years.  Do not try to maintain a pressure treated deck, it will cost you a lot more money and effort in the long run than an entry level composite deck.  Sometimes by paying only 20-30% more you can get a maintenance free deck.

If you hate doing maintenance work, go for a composite deck.  There are different price and performance ranges within the composite decking segment, our company will be able to suggest the best product for your projet.

If you are looking for a beautiful natural wood look with little maintenance, we recommend Ipe hardwood decking. Ipe requires only oiling (no staining or sanding), it is very stable outdoors and it will perform very well for 40+ years. This is a more costly option, but for those who want to combine the natural wood look, with the real feel of wood and low maintenance this will be the best option.