Building a roof deck

Over the years we have built over 50 rooftop decks. There are many challenges that a contractor faces when building a rooftop deck.  They include:

1.  Getting an engineering report on the roof or the bearing walls and making sure that the roof can support a deck

2. Not penetrating a roofing membrane at any point.

3.  Working with low clearences and making sure that the rooftop deck does not obstruct water run off.

4.  Safely erecting materials onto the roof.

5.  Attaching railings, guards and privacy screens securely around the perimeter, without penetrating the roofing membrane.

6.  Choosing the right materials to prevent rot with low ventilation that is common to rooftop decks.

7.  Animal proofing the deck.

8.  Dispersing high point loads from pergolas and other structures over the entire roof.

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Rooftop Decks

Building a rooftop deck requires special knowledge and expertise.  First of all, getting a permit for a rooftop deck is more challenging because one needs to show the structural integrity of both the deck and the roof supporting it.  Secondly, nothing can penetrate the roofting membrane and yet the guards (railings or screens) around the rooftop deck need to be attached firmly enough to withstand the pressures as prescribed by the building code.  Thirdly such structures as pergolas and cabanas need to have their supports done in a way that distributes the load over the entire roof surface.  Our experience, our architect and engineers on staff can make sure that your rooftop deck in built correctly without any damages to the roofing membrane.