Pergola designs on decks

Delta Decks designs and builds beautiful custom pergolas and cabanas.  These structures are highly functional as they provide shade and protection from the elements.  We use different materials when designing our pergolas and cabanas.

1.  Oversized lumber for posts beams and rafters

2.  Modern flat roofs with tongue and groove hardwood or cedar ceilings

3.  Obtaining necessary permits for cabanas and pergolas

4.  Metal posts and glass roofs

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Building Your Perfect Pergola or Cabana on a Deck

Delta Decks has a lot of experience in pergola construction.  Pergolas are a common element in deck construction as they provide shelter from the sun and the rain.  There are many types of materials that are used in pergola construction.

If you are looking for a basic pergola construction, you can go with pressure treated wood, 6x6 posts, 2x10 beams and 2x6 rafters.  If you want a more “chunky” look - we suggest going with Douglas Fir or Hemlock 10x10 posts, 4x10 beams and 2x8 rafters.  If you want a long lasting beautiful pergola you can go for Ipe hardwood material.

The pergola construction cost is typically between $20-80 per sq. ft.  The price varies depending on the design and the material chosen for the pergola.  

Some of the pergola construction tips include making sure that your pergola posts are able to withstand horizontal loading forces.   To achieve this resistance you either need to cement your footings into the ground (which we do not recommend because this does not satisfy code requirements as the wood in the ground will eventually rot) or install metal footings that are custom designed for your pergola project.

If you need pergola design drawings or construction details, we provide the design only and design and build service to our clients in the Greater Toronto Area.