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Rooftop Composite Decking

For rooftop decks we suggest going with PVC decking such as Fiberon Promenade series or Wolf - these are excellent quality PVC products at reasonable prices. PVC decking materials are a great choice for rooftop decks because they don’t absorb any moisture and do not heat up in the sun. For the same reason PVCs are also great for docks and decks around hot tubs and pools.

Backyard Composite Decking

For backyard decks - we suggest composite decking products such as Fiberon, Timbertech or Trex. Spending on the budget and the desired look, one of the products from these manufacturers would be a great choice for a backyard ground deck or a second storey deck.

When is Ipe deck better than Composite?

Ipe decks have an advantage over composite when a client is looking for a natural look and feel of the deck they walk on.  Regardless of how real a plastic deck may look, it still feels and looks like plastic.  Also, keep in mind that Ipe does not heat up as much as a PVC or a composite deck, so if that is an issue for you - go for a premium wood deck such as an Ipe deck.

When is Composite Deck Better Than an Ipe Deck?

A composite deck is better when the budget does not allow for an Ipe deck (entry level composites are about half price, but premium composites are more expensive than the Ipe).  A composite deck is also better when the homeowners want to do little maintenance and they do not like the grey look of a weathered Ipe deck.  If left untreated, Ipe deck will still last 40 plus years, but it will look grey.  Weathered Ipe deck will have only minor cracks, if any, and will not deform.  Some cleaning is needed on all deck types, you will have surface mold on any surface type, so expect to pressure wash your deck every few years regardless of the material type you choose.

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Composite Decking

Comparison of Different Types of Composite Decking Products

  1.  Super cheap, foreign made, unknown brands.  You can sometimes buy these on special for about $4/sq.ft. at major retail stores.  These have no warranty, they will discolor, peel off and crack once the water gets into the holes that these decking products have in their profiles.  Stay away.  You only need to pay a small premium to move to the next level.

  2. Entry level products from major North American Brands. Every major brand has a product line in this category.  These products are typically available in 2-3 colors.  The profiles are not solid (scalloped underside).  The colors are solid (i.e. no color variation).  Trex has their Enhance entry line, Fiberon has Goodlife and Timbertech has Edge Prime.  Of the three major brands, only Fiberon puts the same quality components in the capping of the material as they do in the more expensive lines.  Timbertech and Trex will scratch very easily as they put low quality chemicals in the capping and there is not warranty against scratching. Also, the scalloping of the profiles, reduces the strength, Fiberon makes a product (Goodlife Cottage and Cabin) that has very little material removed and for these 2 reasons Fiberon is a clear leader in this category.  You can expect to pay about $6-7/sq.ft. for these category.

  3. Premium Entry Products. These products are of exact same quality as the entry level products, the only difference is that they look better because several colors are mixed in and the boards look more “real”. Quality-wise - they are exactly the same and Fiberon remains the leader in this category for the reasons stated above. You can expect to pay about $7-8 sq. ft.  in this category

  4. Mid Range Composite Decking. In this category you get a solid profile (not scalloped) and more choices in terms of color.  The composite material is wrapped on three sides with plastic capping. All major North American Brands (Trex, Fiberon, Timbertech) offer good choices in this category. Our suggestion is to go for the newer product lines - they are trendier in appearance and utilize the latest advances in the industry. Expect to pay between $10-12 per sq. ft. for the products in this category.

  5. Top of the Line Composite Decking. These are composite decking boards that are wrapped with plastic decking on all sides. These provide the best look and scratch resistance as well as resistance to moisture absorption.Trex does not have any products in this category, only Fiberon and Timbertech. Expect to pay $12-14/sq.ft. for these products.

  6. PVC Entry Level Decking. These are 100% PVC decking products. These materials do not heat up as much as composites and do not absorb any moisture. They do however expand and contract more. Entry level lines are uniform in color and are available from major North American brands such as Wolf and Timbertech Azek. Expect to pay about $10-11/sq. ft. for the entry level PVC Products.

  7. Premium PVC Products.  These products are the same quality wise as the entry level PVC products, but the color choices are better, the capping is variaged and the boards look more like the real wood.  Fiberon just came out with a new product line of PVC boards in theri Promenade collection - they offer the best warranty, scratch resistance and value.  Azek Vintage collection has been a leader in this category up until 2019, but now Fiberon has boards that look virtually identical, for less money and of better quality.  Wolf decking also has some really nice colors to choose from, they offer double sided boards and an excellent performance and track record.  Expect to pay anywhere between $14-17 per sq. ft. for these premium products.

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