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Azek decking is one of the favourite decking choices among customers in Ontario. Known as ‘Timbertech Azek’, Azek’s industry-leading decking is made from 100% premium capped polymer, which has a great number of benefits for creating your outdoor oasis:

  • Its intricate colour blending mimics the rich, natural grains of wood without the high-maintenance of real wood – the 100% polymer cap makes Azek decks resistant to stains, scratches, moisture and UV damage

  • Azek deck boards stay up to 30 degrees cooler than their composite decking competitors, are 40% more slip-resistant, and weigh up to 30% less (although finding professional Azek contractors is the best way of building an Azek deck, and saves you the heavy lifting)

  • Made of more than 50% recycled PVC, Azek decks are not only a beautiful and durable choice of deck, but an environmentally-friendly one too!

  • Azek was the first company to offer multi-width boards which come in different thicknesses, suiting any project you desire

  • Engineered to last longer than wood alternatives, Azek offers an industry-leading lifetime warranty and 50-year stain and fade warranty

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If you want to transform your outdoor space and install your Azek decking, what are the options available to you?

Azek Decking Vintage Collection

Known as the ‘designer series’, Azek TimberTech Vintage is the top-of-the-range collection. Its boards merge sophisticated capped polymer technology with multi-colour blending, subtle highlights and lowlights, and a wire-brushed, low-gloss finish for that authentic wood appearance. Five muted, natural colours make up the Vintage line-up: Coastline, Weathered Teak, Dark Hickory, English Walnut, and Mahogany.

Azek Decking Arbor Collection

Arbor is Azek’s mid-range collection. Its boards combine cathedral wood grain and straight wood grain patterns, mirroring the varied textures found in nature. Arbor decking is available in several natural colours which are moderately blended to create a realistic wood-tone finish. These include Brazilian Walnut, Morado, Island Oak, Autumn Chestnut, Silver Oak, Hazelwood, and Mountain Redwood.

Azek Decking Harvest Collection

For a decking masterpiece on a budget, Azek Harvest Collection is the way to go. It has a traditional cathedral wood grain pattern mimicking flat-cut boards of timber, and a monochromatic, solid colour palette which gives a painted wood appearance. Available colours are Slate Grey, Brownstone, and Kona.

What type of footings do you recommend for Azek deck builds in Toronto?

Building a deck might seem like a simple task; but every aspect of the deck should be taken seriously, not just its aesthetic appearance. Just as the foundations of a house determine how long it stays standing, installing a proper footing for your Azek deck will allow you safely to use it for decades to come.

Ontario’s tough winters require the deck footing to be dug deep into the ground below the frost line (the point below which the soil does not freeze in winter). If the footing is installed above the frost line, then the deck’s foundations will be destabilised by frost heave (the shifting of the ground as it thaws and freezes).

We would recommend a helical pile footing – a strong steel shaft with helix-shaped load-bearing plates which are screwed into the ground. As well as providing strong foundations in less-than-ideal soil conditions, helical piles cause minimal disturbance to the ground, can be installed quickly and built upon immediately after installation, and require minimal clean-up as there is no soil excavation or concrete used in the construction process.

It is important to find a certified and professional Azek builder to install your deck footings, who will ensure that your decking meets building codes and is a safe place for you to enjoy the great outdoors.

How do you ensure that the frame of your Toronto Azek deck lasts?

It is vitally important that the frame supporting your Azek deck has structural integrity. A good quality and properly-installed decking frame will keep your deck safe and good as new for years, whereas a badly maintained and rotting frame will make the entire structure unstable, and the beautiful Azek decking boards on top will count for nothing.

The most popular choice of frame material is pressure-treated lumber. Although the wood has been treated to resist moisture, mould and insect damage, the frame must still be waterproofed as the joints where the deck posts and joists are attached are full of tiny cracks and crevices, making them prone to damage. What’s more, pressure treatment only penetrates a few inches into the lumber, and large beams and joists will have a core of untreated wood. Where long screws penetrate this core, moisture will also be able to seep in.

There are several methods which act as a barrier to moisture and ensure that your Azek deck frame lasts, including:

  • Tar paper stapled to the frame

  • Flashing tape applied to the joists and beams

  • Water-resistant sealant

  • Liquid rubber

  • Joist caps

What decking pattern is most popular for Azek PVC deck builds?

The most popular pattern variant for Azek decks is a framed border which provides a clean, finished look to your outdoor space. Your border can be the same colour as your main decking boards, or you can experiment with two or more colours for a more personalised feel – pairing warm and cool, dark and light shades. Gradient shades of brown and tan are the most common colour choice for Azek decking, but lighter shades of grey and cream are better for reducing heat retention.

What type of hardware do you use to install your Azek decking?

Azek decks are installed with a wide range of fastening systems. Square shoulder boards are fixed in place with Cortex plugs or SIDELoc fasteners, and grooved boards are fastened with FUSIONLoc or CONCEALoc. Opting for colour-matched or concealed hardware maintains your deck’s sophistication and style, with no visible screw holes on top.

Where can I find Azek deck builders near me?

If you want to install your Azek decking and are looking for a certified Azek deck builder, then Delta Decks is the ideal choice. We are a registered professional installer of Azek in Toronto, Ontario, and our ten years’ experience building low-maintenance decking takes Azek decks to the next level of style and safety. Our builders are here to help construct your outdoor oasis, so visit our showroom to browse Azek decking and get in touch with us today!

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I appreciate the great service and also the highly affordable fee. I am thankful for their assistance.
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The builders were talented and patient enough to accomplish the intricate design that we had planned for our deck. They used only the best materials, but they did stay within our budget.
Tee, Burlington

Burlington. Needed my front and rear decks replaced. Nicky Crone of Delta Decks West was my sole contact and builder. She was very professional and responsive. She clearly knew her stuff and added some great ideas rather than pushing expensive alternatives like some other companies i engaged. Very responsive to both email and phone, delivered on dates and quality. Certainly took pride in providing solutions to a few issues discovered while demo'ing. Workmanship was top notch, happily fixed one item that was not ideal in the build. Slightly higher quote than others but you can buy with confidence. Very happy.

310 sq. ft. cedar deck, stairs, fascia, skirt, cedar and aluminum balusters, bench. 45 sq. ft. cedar front porch, stairs, fascia, skirt, all cedar balusters.

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