How to Design Your Deck

You know that it is time for a new deck or for a backyard makover.  So where do you start?  Here are some questions you need to answer when designing your deck.

1. Do you know roughly the size of the deck that you would need for your house?  

2.  Do you know what the zoning requirements are for your backyard that regulate the size of your deck?

3.  Do you want to integrate a pergola, a privacy screen, a hot tub or any other items into your design?

4. Do you want a natural wood material or a composite no maintenance material for your deck?

5.  Do you have an idea of what your design plan will cost you to build?

6.  Do you like the more modern, clean look type designs or more traditional?

Designing Your Deck

You know it is time for a new deck, but you do not know where to start.  First think of how you will use your deck and this will help you determine the size of the deck that you would need.  Then you can see how your size requirements line up with your space availabity.  Think of the location for your project.  Then you can get some ideas by looking at pictures online to see what types of features you want your deck to have.  Next step would be to determine the rough cost of your project, even if it is very rough, to make sure that you are not surprised by quotes when they start coming in.  It is best to engage a decking company when you have some design and budget ideas.