Deck Building Cost

How much does a deck cost? Budgeting is an important step in project planning. To get a rough idea of what your deck will cost, you need to know its size (in square feet), elevation, and the length of your railing and or privacy screen in feet. These are the most typical deck components and their relative costs.

Deck Platform.

This is the main project component - this is your walking surface. It includes concrete or metal (helical pile) foundation, wood (pressure treated) framing and decking surface. Here are some basic costs:

image building cost
  • Pressure Treated $25/sq.ft.
  • Cedar $30/sq. ft.
  • Composite $36/sq.ft.
  • PVC or Ipe $44/sq. ft.

Factors that add to the cost: small size, complicated shape, elevation above 4'

Deck Railings

If your deck is over 24" above grade, it requires deck railings. The most typical deck railing is aluminum - it requires no maintenance and it has great appearance.

image building cost
  • Aluminum Railing $85/lin. ft.
  • Aluminum and Glass Railing $110/lin. ft.
  • Frameless Glass Railing $240/lin. ft.

Other options include wood and aluminum pickets, all wood or stainless steel.

Deck Stairs.

The way you price deck stairs is you take the square footage of the steps and multiply by a factor of two. Stairs require more complicated framing and more material to finish the risers and the sides.

image building cost

All of the above mentioned prices include labour and material. Other factors that add to the cost include the following:

  • Removal and Disposal of the Existing Deck
  • Deck Permits
  • Deck Fascias and Cladding of Post/Beams (if needed)
  • Deck Skirting
  • Deck Privacy Screens
  • Deck Kitchens
  • Deck Pergolas.

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