Cost of building a deck

Each deck is custom designed and prices vary depending on design and the custom elements that are included in each project.  The biggest factors that affect deck cost are size of the project, materials chosen and custom elements that are integrated into the deck project.

Cost of Building a Deck

While each project is priced individually here are some guidelines that will help you budget for your deck project.  

A basic wood deck, with steps, railings, skirt and some privacy screen - approx. $40/sq. ft.

A wood frame deck with basic maintenance free plastic decking, aluminum railing, steps and skirt - approx. $60/sq. ft.

A wood frame deck with premium maintenance free plastic decking or hardwood decking, aluminum railings, steps and skirt - $80/sq. ft.

These prices are guidelines only to help you determine your budget. It could be higher or lower, but these are the industry standards.