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1When it comes ultra low maintenance materials – Azek is the best material currently available on the market.  Delta Decks is a registered professional installer of Azek in Ontario.

For years Delta Decks has mainly concentrated on hardwood decking and resorted to maintenance free only in cases where homeowners wanted to do absolutely no maintenance.  Since mid-nineties, tens of different maintenance free product manufacturers have sprung up when people started catching on to the maintenance free idea.  Since then there have been many lawsuits against various companies, some companies have gone out of business and materials generally did not perform as well as promised.

This changed in 2008 when Azek (with Procell technology) decking was introduced through major retailers in Toronto, Ontario.  Our own experience with Azek exceeded all our expectations.  It was unlike any other maintenance free material that we worked with in the past. 

What we liked the best about Azek Decking is that unlike other maintenance free products, it has minimal expansion and contraction rates, which is extremely important if you want to keep all joints looking perfect.  Also, Azek does not discolor and does not scratch easily.

2Azek does not stain with grease, oil or other things that may be spilled on the deck.  It is a breeze to work with (especially compared with Ipe!).  It does not mushroom when screwed into and does not split easily.  The cuts are clean. It can be routed and sanded just like real wood.

We find that this material is the easiest decking material to work with.  

What differentiates Azek from composites is that it does not accumulate mold.  Mold is a major problem and a cause of many lawsuits for many composite material manufacturers.  For this reason, composite decking is called “low maintenance” and not “no maintenance”.

When compared to other plastic or vinyl decking products that are available on the market in Toronto – Azek has an advantage because it is not shiny like plastic, it has low expansion and contraction rates and it is uniform in its structure.  Some plastic materials have a plastic outer shell and a filling – these layers can sometimes separate.

The only disadvantages of Azek would be the light color scheme – due to the manufacturing process they cannot produce rich dark colors.  In terms of its pricing it is slightly more expensive (by about 20-30%) than the average composite products.
In comparison to Ipe, the advantage of Azek is that it does not require any maintenance.  The disadvantage – it is only imitating the natural look.

In January 2009, Alexander Krupin, managing director of Delta Decks, had a chance to meet with a representative from Azek and ask a multitude of questions to make sure that this product should be something that we can recommend to our clients if they desire a maintenance free deck finish.


FAQ on Azek Decking

fWhat differentiates Azek from other ultra-low maintenance products?

Azek is using a patented technology (purchased from Procell) where 15% of the deck material content is best fiber called Flax.  Flax is what gives Azek its more natural look, low expansion and contraction rates and structural integrity.
Also, Azek is not a co-extruded material (i.e. material with a shell and an inner fill).  There can be no separation between layers, which can sometimes occur on high traffic areas and during cutting or drilling.

fHow is Azek attached to the frame of the deck?

Azek can be surface screwed with regular deck screws or stainless steel screws for durability.  No special composite fastener screws are needed since this material does not mushroom.  Also, a Cortex screw with plug is available for Azek.  This is an easy way to plug all screws so that they are virtually invisible.  Tiger pro clip has shown itself to work well with Azek as well if a hidden fastener method is desired.

fDoes Azek absorb BBQ grease, wine and other liquids that can be spilled on the deck?

No, Azek does not absorb any of these; in fact there is no substance that we found that can stain Azek.

fIs Azek easily scratched?

While not as hard as Ipe or some other maintenance free products on the market, Azek is definitely not a soft material.  In the past, we at Delta Decks had problems with how easy it is to scratch a decking material while working.  With Azek we had no such problems.

fDoes it heat up easily?

No, Azek does not heat up as much as other composite materials and its light color scheme helps maintain heat absorption to a minimum.

fWhat profiles of Azek are available?

Azek decking board comes in a 5/4x6 profile.  Fascia is also available in ?”actual thickness.  Azek can also be purchased in sheets and cut to other profiles.

fHave there been any lawsuits against Azek?

There have been no lawsuits against Azek.

fHow long has Azek been in business?

Azek bought a Procell technology patent (addition of flax to the formula).  Procell decking has been in use for over 5 years.  Azek is a large US based company that specializes in plastic product manufacturing and has been in business for decades.

fDoes Azek decking come with a matching railing?

Yes, Azek comes with a matching color line of maintenance free railing.

fWhat maintenance is required on Azek?

Only regular cleaning, that is it.  It will only fade a little in color; it will not warp, crack or splinter.

fCan Azek be installed around pool and hot tubs?

Yes,  we have installed Azek around hot tubs.  It does not absorb salt and chlorine.

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