3D Deck Design

Delta Decks is glad to offer the most sophisticated 3D deck design in the industry. We do not use regular “cookie – cutter” deck design software.  We design each deck from scratch and use sophisticated software that allows for any imaginable deck shape and layout, custom planters, privacy screens, railings pergolas and other features.  What we are also able to do is to take a picture of your existing backyard and create a photorealistic image of the finished project in your existing setting.

Please see the demonstration below:


We take a digital photo of an existing project area









3-D Design.
We design your project and “insert” into your project area (along with pools, hot tubs, custom screens, BBQ’s etc.)








A finished project. As you can see the homeowner made some minor changes after examining the 3-D deck design.







Here are some of the many advantages of doing a 3-D Design with Delta Decks prior to construction:

arrIt allows you to visualize your future deck and make the necessary changes or improvements at the design stage.

arrThis deck design allows you to see your future deck with your house and your backyard as opposed to just seeing a 3-D picture of a deck on its own.

arrYou know exactly what to expect from a contractor, there will be no surprises or extra costs due to the fact that you did not know how exactly something is going to be built.

arrIt allows you to experiment with different designs, styles and materials.

arrIt allows you to allocate the needed space for your patio furniture, BBQ are, play area etc.

A 3-D design is free for all Delta Decks client.  If a client wishes to see a 3D deck design prior to signing with Delta Decks, there may be a fee for this design.  A client will be notified of any potential fees prior to preparation of a 3D design.
In the past, we found this design service to be very helpful to our clients and during our off-season, our designer works hard to create a large library of different railing, privacy screen, bench and planter designs.  This library is available to all our clients.

Deck Design Service

If you have your own builder or wish to build a deck yourself, we can help you with the design only aspect of the project. We have an extensive experience in deck design. Our package will include 2D drawings and 3D designs. The design package cost includes a home visit. Take advantage of our experience in deck design. A design package normally costs $800. Please send an e-mail to sales@deltadecks.com for further information.